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Here are some quick cleaning tips that you can perform on your own to keep your home or office clean. Do you have other cleaning tips that you'd like published at our site? Contact us today.

Cleaning Tips

The cleaning process is considered the most time consuming activity in housekeeping. Fortunately, there are a number of tips you can take note of to make the house cleaning process much easier.

How do you remove spots of hard water?
Since deposits of hard water are alkaline in nature, the best way to get rid of them is by using cleaners which are acid based such as the Phosphoric acid. Thereafter, clean up the surfaces well to ensure that no acid traces are left.

How do you do away with pet stains?
All the liquid must first be blotted out using an absorbent rag or towel. An enzyme and bacteria digester is the best solution to use as it effectively eliminates any odor and stains together. Ensure the stained place is well saturated, and then give the digester time to work.

How do you clean wooden floors?
A simple dust mop or vacuum cleaning prevents dirt a buildup of, which in turn damages the wooden surface. In addition, using vinegar mixed in of warm water can leave the floor spotlessly clean. Note that the finished wooden floors can simply be cleaned using water.

How do you get rid of soap scum from your shower or tub?
It is much easier to prevent soap scum than to clean it. Do this by wiping all the water from the door and shower walls after using the shower. If the walls are made of tiles or the doors are frosted, apply a coat of lemon oil periodically.

How do you clean kitchen cabinets?
Most kitchen cabinets can be cleaned using cleaning solutions. However, those that are of glass, metal or plastic laminate can be washed using an alkaline cleaner. Powdered cleansers and acids must never be used on cabinets.

What are some of the tips on cleaning window screens?
To clean the little holes found on widow screens, you should first remove them from the windows. Next, vacuum them using the hose attachment and then spray them using the garden hose. After that, they should be scrubbed off with a mix of water and laundry detergent.

How do you clean silverware?
Cleaning silverware should be done by mixing warm water and washing soda and then submerging the silverware wrapped in a foil in the mixture. Let it lie for about five minutes before removing it and polishing it using a dry soft cloth.

How do you clean windows?
The simplest way to clean window is by wiping them by using a newspaper that has been scrunched up.

How do you remove pet hair from your furniture?
Simply spray the furniture lightly with fabric refresher and then rub your hand across it. The hair will roll up automatically and cling on the hand. You can then rub the hand on a paper toweling to remove the hair.

How do you remove candle wax?
First wait until the wax solidifies and then remove it with a knife. The rest of the wax can be removed by placing a paper on the stain and ironing it to soak the wax up.

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